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"Sports Video Analysis" is perfect for clubs, universities, schools, in fact anyone wanting to analyse or tag their videoed sports matches.

"Sports Video Analysis" is an online service so you can analyse & tag sports videos from anywhere; your office, your club, even your own home.

You can securely share your analysed match results with your team, your coaches, your fans, parents, in fact anyone you want to!
(See the "VIEW MATCH TAGGING INFORMATION" video below to see the 3 ways your results can be shown.)

Watch the videos below and see how you can analyse / tag your matches, create and update your own code windows and how you can share your analysis results in easy to understand pages.

Online sports video analysis in action!

Interested in how our online tagging system works? The 4 minute video below shows a match being analysed, updated and saved.

Start tagging your matches like teams at the Commonwealth Games

Have Fun Winning With Insights From isportsAnalysis

Create and Update Code Windows

Want to see how to create and update code windows? The 2 and a half minute video below demonstrates this perfectly; you will see how intricate your code windows can be!

Start tagging your matches like teams at the Commonwealth Games

Have Fun Winning With Insights From isportsAnalysis

View Match Tagging Information

You have tagged your matches, what now? In less than 2 minutes the video below will show you how you can view the metrics created from your tagging in our Session Statistics page, our Session Timeline page and how you can make use of our Session Matrix page.

Start tagging your matches like teams at the Commonwealth Games

Have Fun Winning With Insights From isportsAnalysis

Our Pricing

Video Channel

$130.00 Per calendar month (USD)
  • 500GB Video storage
    (About 415 hours of video per year)
  • Coaches corner
    (Online team chat)
  • Match highlights videos
  • Banner ad advertising and tracking
  • Website integration
  • Viewing reports
  • Permission based access

Performance Analysis
(Match Tagging)

$175.00 Per calendar month (USD)

* Online video channel included
  • Unlimited Analysts
  • Tag and analyse your uploaded matches
  • Create and download video clips
  • Email analysis highlights to coaches, players and referees
  • Securely share stats and results with coaches, players and referees

Performance Pro

$175.00 Per calendar month (USD)

* Online video channel included
  • Optimise athletes performance
  • Manage training loads
  • Generate fitness reports
  • View live performance metrics
  • (GPS devices sold separately)

Performance Analysis +
Performance Pro

$225.00 Per calendar month (USD)

* Online video channel included
  • Performance Analysis
  • Athlete Performance Pro

Happy Clients Testimonials

Cristy Mullender

iSportsAnalysis have made it very easy for us to monitor and improve our team performances. The Commonwealth Games is a very important tournament for us and having the ability to analyze our games and share the results has been invaluable. Our players and coaches have been able to see their stats and re-play their matches at their own leisure, and on their own devices, making iSportsAnalysis the perfect way for our team to stay motivated and informed. iSportsAnalysis have supported us in every way and we are happy to have them as part of our team.

Cristy Mullender - Commonwealth Games - South African Netball
Tony Wakelin

The Gloucester & District Referees Society spent six months searching for an online software platform that would enable us to analyse referee performance as an aid to training and developing our match officials, and found to be the perfect fit for our needs. The ability to build our own bespoke code windows within the iSportsAnalysis software, use them to tag elements of a game and then publish them on our own online channel is unique to

The Gloucester & District Referees Society - Tony Wakelin
Quentin Casey

After completing University I wanted to invest in my own piece of analysis software to push on my small business in the analysis of semi-professional sports clubs. After a referral from a friend I started my trial with iSportsAnalysis and can honestly say transferring over has been the best thing that has happened to my business thus far. Anadi has been second to none in going the extra mile to ensure I have settled well with the new software. I have never met anybody as passionate and knowledge about a product as him. I can’t stress enough how helpful, understanding and hard working Anadi is. Along with this, iSportsAnalysis is one of the most forward thinking software’s on the market, and it actually feels like it was made by analyst’s. The easy to use website has everything I would ever need and so much more, at a very realistic price. I would recommend Anadi and iSportsAnalysis to anybody in performance analysis and scouting, at any level.

Quentin Casey - Second Take Sports
Andy Miller

Charlton Park RFC have been using iSportsAnalysis for the past 3 seasons. Richard and the team offer a great service and cater to our needs. They have developed their product greatly in a small space of time and regularly introduce new ideas and innovations. CPRFC look forward to continuing their relationship with iSportsAnalysis over many years to come.

DoR, Charlton Park RFC - Andy Miller
Annelie Lucas

I love iSportsAnalysis and love what it offers to help players do better.

Annelie Lucas - Southern Stings Players and Management
Tom Hill

An excellent, reliable and very professional service.

Kings School, Canterbury - Tom Hill
Mark Patterson

I would highly recommend iSportsAnalysis to any educational establishment safe in the knowledge they will enhance any idea, event or similar with superb knowledge base; but for me most importantly they are easy to work with and about problem solving for the client.

Mark Patterson - Director of Student Recruitment, St Joseph's

iSportsAnalysis have provided us with much needed technical support which is helping to improve our sports analysis in Rugby, Hockey, Netball and Cricket – A first rate service!

Director of Sport, Hurst- RMK

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