Transforming the way that coaches can access and use analysis

The next generation

The iSportsAnalysis online analysis platform represents the next generation of video and data analysis technology and provides a unique solution for coaches in any sport. It combines powerful video and data analysis capability with the instant access and sharing capabilities afforded by the latest cloud technology.

What is sports performance analysis?

Analyse individual and team performance

This groundbreaking platform enables coaches to view and analyse individual and team performance in a more effective way than ever before. The iSportsAnalysis solution contains ALL of the analysis functionality of traditional analysis software solutions like SportsCode, Nacsport, Focus etc. – but in a completely online environment.

Sports performance analysis overview

Powerful video and data analysis

We have combined powerful video and data analysis capability with the latest cloud technologies to transform the way that coaches can access and use analysis within their coaching programmes, creating a range of new learning and development opportunities for both coaches and players.

The advantages of sports performance analysis

iSportsAnalysis - Performance Analysis

The Benefits

Any Sport, Any Device, Anywhere

Access the iSportsAnalysis analysis platform, and on any device – no need for software to be installed on individual laptops/tablets/phones.

Invaluable online video analysis technology combines with in-depth data analysis capability to provide the complete analysis solution.

Instant sharing of analysis. Your video and analysis are immediately available to (selected) staff & players.

Designed by Coaches and Players

Each coach and player has their own private login which means that each individual can access the platform at a time and place that suits them.

You can import data from other analysis software solutions (e.g. SportsCode), instantly populating your event list in your iSportsAnalysis session and enabling interactive review, data analysis etc.

Invaluable drawing, animation and session planning technology to enhance the visualisation of your information and feedback.

Analyse Players, Analyse Coaches

Potential to add our invaluable Player Engagement solution to enable your players to view and analyse their own performance – and exclusive access to the online CAIS solution to view, analyse and better understand your own coaching behaviour.

The clean, user-friendly Dashboard design ensures coaches and players can quickly learn and use the platform.

Our iSportsAnalysis packages are tailor-made for the specific requirements of you and your team(s).

The Features

Upload any video format

Videos are seamlessly uploaded and automatically transcoded to work in iSportsAnalysis.

Create your own analysis templates

The easy-to-use Template facility enables you to create your own analysis templates or choose one of the standard templates provided.

Simple, fast data entry

Any important individual, unit or team events can be added quickly and easily in real-time or post-game using the Template facility.

Interactive review facility

The unique interactive review facility allows you to instantly access and view any of the important events that you have entered.

Auto generation of performance data

When events are added, data is automatically generated and collated, ready for quick export. If standard Templates are used the data is also immediately displayed onscreen.

Instant sharing

All analysis carried out is instantly shared and available to review interactively with those given permission to access.

Bookmarks and highlight movies

You have the ability to bookmark specific events of interest and/or automatically create Highlight movies.

Onscreen drawing tools

A range of telestration and onscreen text tools provide the platform for enhancing the value of your feedback to players.

Code, Analyse & Share performance Insights

Why iSportsAnalysis?

One license for your club, team or classroom

Our vision is to make performance analysis and sports video analysis available to everyone. If you are a grass roots club, a school, college, university or professional team we bring you analysis tools previously only affordable by the elite.

We don't charge for multiple licenses; if you have more than one analyst, a classroom of students or a team who you want to analyse their performances, we do not charge for multiple licenses. Once you have subscribed to our services you can have as many analysts as you want!

Share analysis online with coaches and players

Once your match has been analysed you can share the results with your coaches, team members and fans securely online. Analysis can be utilised by viewing the stats page, showing the overview of team and player performance.

Analysis can also be seen in our timeline view making it easy to see what happened and when, we have a matrix view making it easy to watch all the video clips for events and an event filter which enables you to create your own playlists of events, bookmark them and share them!

Compatible with other analysis software

Our performance analysis is compatible with all other performance analysis software. If you need to import analysis from Sports Code, Nac Sport, DartFish etc. it is a seemless process.

We understand that transferring analysis from one system to another can be an impossible process; iSportsAnalysis make it easy to import and export your analysis. If you have analysed matches using other systems you can easily centralise your analysis using our import system.

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Happy Clients Testimonials

Charlton Athletic Women’s Football Club

iSportsAnalysis has been instrumental in speeding up our game analysis and making it much more efficient. We are able to produce meaningful data quickly and make our footage and stats reports accessible to players and staff in a faster, more efficient, and easier way. For a club that is part-time and that has limited access time to the players, the fact that the stats are interactive and hosted online means we can connect to our analysis virtually which gives everyone involved in the performance side of the club much better access in really quick time.

Riteesh Mishra - Charlton Athletic Women’s Football Club
St Mary's university

I have nothing but positive things to say about our experience with iSportsAnalysis. The product suits our needs from both an academic and applied sense. The customer service is outstanding; any issues (and there haven’t been many) have been acted upon without delay to a more than satisfactory conclusion. With the continuing development of the product I can see us using iSportsAnalysis for years to come.

Senior Lecturer, St Mary's university, Twickenham - Anthony Lockey
Cristy Mullender

iSportsAnalysis have made it very easy for us to monitor and improve our team performances. The Commonwealth Games is a very important tournament for us and having the ability to analyze our games and share the results has been invaluable. Our players and coaches have been able to see their stats and re-play their matches at their own leisure, and on their own devices, making iSportsAnalysis the perfect way for our team to stay motivated and informed. iSportsAnalysis have supported us in every way and we are happy to have them as part of our team.

Cristy Mullender - Commonwealth Games - South African Netball
Tony Wakelin

The Gloucester & District Referees Society spent six months searching for an online software platform that would enable us to analyse referee performance as an aid to training and developing our match officials, and found to be the perfect fit for our needs. The ability to build our own bespoke code windows within the iSportsAnalysis software, use them to tag elements of a game and then publish them on our own online channel is unique to

The Gloucester & District Referees Society - Tony Wakelin
Kelly Ahrens

iSportsAnalysis has created a platform which puts the necessary tools in the hands of the players and coaches that actually impacts performance. I can't say enough good things about Anadi Taylor and ISportsAnalysis in providing tangible support and resources that allows our company and the athletes we train to stand out! I work daily with technology companies, wearable devices and communication tools to be able to provide an asset that creates value for the players I train, the coaches I assist and the programs engaging with our services. Test and Train Sports future is heavily reliant on ISportsAnalysis. I have been testing, training and coaching athletes as well as consulting with club teams, high schools, colleges and professional organizations for over 15 years and ISportsAnalysis is the go to partner I need to support our future needs.

Kelly Ahrens - Test and Train Sports
Theresa Rossouw

I would just like to extend a huge thank you to iSportAnalysis for the unbelievable assistance their Sports Performance Analysis software offered during the TNL league. NSA (Netball South Africa) has indeed come up with a winning recipe by making iSportsAnalysis accessible to coaches, players and umpires. For someone with limited techno savvy, and with Cristy’s assistance, I was quickly able to master iSportsAnalysis which I used daily. The software was of invaluable assistance especially because of the logistics of my team members living far apart, and their work commitments preventing us from practising during the week. This programme afforded me the opportunity of communicating with the players through "Coaches Corner" giving feedback regarding tactical work for the upcoming matches. Players, through this medium, were able to see which areas of play they need to work on and also to receive individual exercises during the week. iSportsAnalysis is an excellent aid for all passionate coaches and I would definitely recommend it to be used at all tournaments.

Sunbird's Coach - Netball South Africa - Theresa Rossouw
Lance Louw

iSportsAnalysis is a huge way forward for any sports team, for the simple fact that you have amazing people like Cristy and Thaka (South African team) making sure we get the best footage after every game. iSportsAnalysis really is enabling me as First Team Coach at Jeppe High School For Boys, to engage with performance analysis on a different level. The editing and exporting of video clips are accurate, fast and of great quality. The attention to detail on the events filter is a dream to work with. The success of the team to date and in future is all down to the amazing expertise and attention to detail that iSportsAnalysis possesses. To have access to this on any laptop and all that is needed is an internet connection, makes your company a cut above the rest. I thank you.

Lance Louw - 1st XI Jeppe High School for Boys Head Hockey Coach
Mayo GAA Performance Analyst

I think iSportsAnalysis is a huge way forward for clubs and teams, and because of the price point in relation to competitors, iSportsAnalysis really is enabling clubs at all levels, including those on smaller budgets, to engage with performance analysis. iSportsAnalysis reduces the need for costly third-party software that charges on a per analyst basis. There is no need for expensive video editing software, or hardware (I spent 1,700 Euros on a laptop I now realise I didn’t need to spend); the editing and exporting video clips is accurate, fast and of great quality.

Mayo GAA Performance Analyst - Paul Jennings
Annelie Lucas

I love iSportsAnalysis, and love what it offers to help players do better.

Annelie Lucas - Southern Stings Players and Management
Middlesex University

I have been super impressed with iSportsAnalysis and the students really love using it, the fact they can use it at home as well as at the university is really great!

Associate Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Science - Hannah Hersant

Code, Analyse & Share performance Insights