Performance analysis: Optimise your player and team performances

What is performance analysis?

Performance analysis is a technique used by coaches to record events that happen during a match.

Once the events in a match have been recorded, the data can be used to generate reports which help to show team strengths, team weaknesses and therefore help coaches to improve performances.

What is performance analysis?

Why would my team use performance analysis?

Performance analysis helps coaches monitor and improve the form and performance of their players and teams.

Reports produce detailed views of both the home and away team performances. Comparisons show how each side played and why one side performed better than the other, demonstrating team strengths and weaknesses.

The advantages of performance analysis

How does performance analysis improve my team?

You can focus on improving the behavioural, physical, technical and tactical aspects of your teams.

Performance analysis plays an important role in measuring, optimising and improving your teams performances, thereby realising goals and producing long term results - that's why professional coaches rely on it!.

Performance analysis: The four key aspects

How do I use performance analysis

Build a timeline of match events

Performance analysis, sometimes known as match tagging or coding, generally involves using software, like the iSportsAnalysis "Performance analysis" service, to build a timeline of events that happen in a match.

The events recorded depend on the sport being played; we have goals in football and trys in rugby. Some of the more common events might be home and away possession, fouls and red or yellow cards. Different coaches may want to focus on different events depending on their strategies.

Performance analysis overview

Tagging and Coding match events

A timeline of match events is created by watching the video of the match alongside a "Code window", or a "Tagging pane" which contains all the possible events you want to record in your match.

As match events happen, a button in your code window representing the event is pressed; the event is added to your timeline. You continue watching your match video adding events to your timeline; you finish with a detailed, time specific picture of how your team and opposition performed.

What to analyse in a match

Performance reports help you win!

The events in the timeline are used to generate reports demonstrating team and player strengths and weaknesses. You can use these reports to quickly see how to optimise your player and team performances.

Reports generated from performance analysis are regularly used to understand the opposing team's game-plans and strategies. If you understand your opposition's strengths you can put effective strategies in place, if you understand their weaknesses you can coach your team accordingly.

Pre-game, halftime and post-game analysis

Performance analysis in action!

Tag matches online

Interested in performance analysis?
The 4 minute video below shows a match being analysed, updated and saved.

Create & update code windows

Want to see how to create & update code windows?
The 2 minute video below show how easy it is, and how intricate your code windows can be!

View analysis information in report windows

I've analysed my match, now what?
The 2 minute video below shows how analysis results are viewed in our Statistics, Timeline & Matrix pages.

Why iSportsAnalysis?

One license for your club, team or classroom

iSportsAnalysis have a vision to make performance analysis available to everyone. Whether you are a grass roots club, a school, college, university or professional team our aim is to bring you the analysis previously only affordable by the elite.

We don't charge for multiple licenses; if you have more than one analyst, a classroom of students or a team who you want to analyse their performances, we do not charge for multiple licenses. Once you have subscribed to our services you can have as many analysts as you want!

Share analysis online with coaches and players

Once your match has been analysed you can share the results with your coaches, team members and fans securely online. Analysis can be utilised by viewing the stats page, showing the overview of team and player performance.

Analysis can also be seen in our timeline view making it easy to see what happened and when, we have a matrix view making it easy to watch all the video clips for events and an event filter which enables you to create your own playlists of events, bookmark them and share them!

Compatible with other analysis software

Our performance analysis is compatible with all other performance analysis software. If you need to import analysis from Sports Code, Nac Sport, DartFish etc. it is a seemless process.

We understand that transferring analysis from one system to another can be an impossible process; iSportsAnalysis make it easy to import and export your analysis. If you have analysed matches using other systems you can easily centralise your analysis using our import system.

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Short video explaining performance analysis

If you are interested, you can watch our quick video explaining how performance analysis can help you and your team win more matches?

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Happy Clients Testimonials

Keiron Orris

iSportsAnalysis broadcast our rugby festival over the Internet with amazing ease. We had a worldwide audience of 33,000 viewers over the 3 days of our event and the feedback was very positive. iSportsAnalysis ground-breaking technology enabled us to keep a constant live feed that included adverts for sponsors, pre-recorded interviews and faultless live streaming of two pitches.

Keiron Orris - St Joseph's College
Andy Miller

Charlton Park RFC have been using iSportsAnalysis for the past 3 seasons. Richard and the team offer a great service and cater to our needs. They have developed their product greatly in a small space of time and regularly introduce new ideas and innovations. CPRFC look forward to continuing their relationship with Cheersmate Productions over many years to come.

DoR, Charlton Park RFC - Andy Miller
Chris Roberts

iSportsAnalysis have not only filmed the matches but coded the key performance indicators as well as tailored their delivery to our individual requirements. I see video analysis as an essential coaching tool and Cheers Mate allows us to feedback the same way Premiership and International coaches are doing.

Chris Roberts - St Johns, Leatherhead
Mark Patterson

I would highly recommend iSportsAnalysis to any educational establishment safe in the knowledge they will enhance any idea, event or similar with superb knowledge base; but for me most importantly they are easy to work with and about problem solving for the client.

Director of Student Recruitment, St Joseph's - Mark Patterson

iSportsAnalysis have provided us with much needed technical support which is helping to improve our sports analysis in Rugby, Hockey, Netball and Cricket – A first rate service!

RMK - Director of Sport, Hurst
Tom Hill

An excellent, reliable and very professional service.

Kings School, Canterbury - Tom Hill
Steve May

The student management system passes the onerous task of collecting video evidence onto the students. Many of our students have video evidence from clubs, county or even regional level. The difficulty is getting hold of this when you need it. With the Student Coursework Management system, when students start the GCSE & A Level course it will be down to them to create a video log throughout the duration of their course.

Steve May - Hurstpierpoint College

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