Student coursework management

Department of Education guidelines

In the new 2016 Department of Education guidelines there is a greater emphasis on collecting video evidence for students.

Manage your student's video coursework

The Student Coursework Management (SCM) system helps teachers quickly and easily manage student's video evidence required by the examination boards. This innovative system enables teachers to create video logbooks for students' sports, dance routines, in fact all performance pieces.

Coursework videos play on multiple platforms

The uploaded coursework videos will play across multiple platforms. No longer do you have to spend time trying to watch video evidence submitted in different formats, using different players.

Benefits of Student Coursework Management

video evidence

All video evidence is stored in one easy to manage environment

Video evidence is viewable across multiple platforms

Video evidence and coursework logs can be uploaded to different categories or courses within a subject

Evidence stays with you for the duration of the student's involvement in your subject

Download student video evidence and submitted coursework notes

Student coursework management made easy!

Students have the ability to work across multiple departments (Sport, Dance, Drama, etc.)

Students easily broken down by activity (sport, routine, unit, performance) or year group

Communicate with students by email through our platform

Each student has their own password protected access

Upload exam board documents making them available to the relevant students

YouTube videos and moderators

Students can easily submit YouTube videos as part of their video evidence

Ability to select students for online moderation

Secure access for moderators to view online

Video uploads are "date & time" stamped

How does Student Coursework Management work?

Easy to use dashboards

Our dashboard is full of great features that help you to quickly upload, create and manage student profiles. Your students will be emailed sign in details and will have access to the "Coursework login".

Once signed in a student can manage their practical evidence uploading video and submitting YouTube evidence, coursework logs and access relevant exam board documents.

Student's can access their year groups and subjects, watch uploaded evidence whilst also being able to securely download their coursework notes.

Manage and monitor students coursework

Manage student's video evidence required by the examination boards.

Monitor student's use of the system; view recent uploaded videos and keep up to date with required video evidence.

Add and update student profiles, add subjects and activities to student profiles (i.e. the subject "Sport" may have activities such as "Skiing", "Cross Country", "Athletics" etc.).

You can upload exam board documents making them available to students, you can search for students or lists of students using our "Search by year group" and "Search by activity" functionality.

Moderators video formats & security

You no longer have to manually post video evidence to exam board moderators. Moderators can log into their account and watch the video evidence you decide they have permission to see.

You can manage moderator accounts (create and remove users who have permission to view content you have set for moderation.). You can set, and unset student video coursework to be moderated.

You no longer have to worry about the different video formats in which students submit their coursework. Our system converts uploaded video coursework to play in computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Student coursework is stored securely and is always available.

Why use Student Coursework Management?

Your time is precious

Save hours of time every year organising and collating coursework videos

We offer an affordable, tried and tested solution

The Student Coursework Management has been created by experts and in collaboration with education bodies

As a Student Coursework Management user you will have an account manager who will support you

Who uses student coursework management

The student coursework management system has been design for schools and colleges. It is currently being used by Hurstpierpoint College in their Sport, Dance and Drama departments.

Welcome to Student Coursework Management

Watch the video below to see the Student Coursework Management in action.

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